CCTV Camera Lightning Protection

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In September 11, 2015

CCTV cameras, security and automation systems are the most common in the rest of the disabled and network systems against lightning strokes. Do you know how often fail to MOBESE system that surrounds every part of the city as an example?Almost all equipment used in security system is based on an integrated circuit (IC) that is highly susceptible and vulnerable to switching surges and lightning strikes. If these systems are damaged by a transient, then the entire protection strategy could be compromised. The cost of fully protecting a security system is limited and provides peace of mind that your system will be operational when you need it most.


CCTV-camera system is effected on lightning strike. Thus, these system must be protected by surge arrester system

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If you take the camera system, the first camera receives energy of the system board (usually single-phase system) Class 1 + 2 10/350 + 8/20 minimum Spark Gap to protect their technology curve. We must place the protection capacity of 50 kA main energy panel products to the camera.  Then, we need to make sensitive to energy conservation in the camera box next to last point and we need to place the camera featured  VF 230 Class 3 power protection products. Depending on the type of the camera; after a power protection by providing CAT or whether the series connection adapted to the BNC input should get the appropriate protection products protect our camera.

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LPC is (Lightning Protection Center) in globally by eliminating technical shortcomings in protection from lightning and overvoltage completely standards based on engineering calculations and aims to establish the system.

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