Energy, Data and Coax lines should be protected across the lightning and switching strikes. We have lots of global partner about Surge Protection Systems. Raycap is our strong partner about surge arrester systems.

Our Main issues about Surge Protection Systems;

  • Surge protection device for energy technology, arrester, Type 1 –Class B
  • Surge protection energy technology, arrestor, Combination Arrester, Type 1+2-Class B+C
  • Surge protection energy technology, arrestor Type 2-Class C
  •  Surge protection energy technology, arrestor Type 2+3
  •  Surge protection energy technology, arrestor, Fine Power Protection Type 3, Class D
  • Photovoltaic System Lighnting Current and Surge Arrester Protection System,600V,1000V,1500V DC SPD
  • Surge Protection of data and information technology
  • Surge Protection for Telecommunication Systems
  • Surge Arrestor for Coaxcial Lines
  • Surge Arrester LSA Plus Systems
  • Network, Data, Serial İnterfaces and MCR Lightning Protection
  • Spark Gap Arrestor Exproof Protection
  • Main Distribution Board Ligtning Protection Solutions –Class B/Class B+C
  • Secondary Distribution Board Ligtning Protection Solutions –Class C
  • Automotion Systems Surge Protection Solutions
  • CCTV and Security Systems Surge  Protection Solutions
  • Reneweable Systems Lighning Protection Solutions
  • Data Center Lighning Protecion Solutions
  • Socket Protecion Systems
  • Led Systems Surge Protection Solutions
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