LPC is (Lightning Protection Center) in globally by eliminating technical shortcomings in protection from lightning and overvoltage completely standards based on engineering calculations and aims to establish the system. LPC is giving our customers the right technical knowledge, discovery, and project design and implementation is a center that combines this information. Especially, the most vulnerable low-voltage protection products in the PLC system board with expertise in energy facilities to help you manage your investments by preventing damage in a reliable way is our main goal.

Lightning Protection Center uses several international companies in lightnnig and overvoltage protection systems products.

Lightning Protection is a whole , surge arrestors, grounding and equipotential system integration is required. LPC  will protect your facilitiy and their habitats by expert engineer staff  in the best way.


The main issues dealt with by the LPC

1-Lightning and Electrical Properties

2- Historical Perception and exit points of the Lightning Protection Methods

3-Lightning Protection Methods


5-Lightning Risk Calculator

6-External Lightning System

  • Faraday Cage and technical computations Franklin Rod and Technical Calculation Methods
  • Mesh Method and Technical Calculations
  • Tension Wire Method and Technical Calculations
  • Importance of isolated lightning protection system (ISCO And İsfang System)
  • External Lightning System Setup and material specification, elements that need to be Considered in the Assembly

7-Surge Protection Unit LV arrester systems

  • Definition and Characteristics Surge-Protection Methods
  • Description & Specifications of Age arrester
  • Selection of Surge arrester
  • Surge arrester Risk Analysis and Calculation
  • Surge arrester Mounting Application and Definitions Considerations Points
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