You can connect with us all of earthing system material which are protected according to IEC 50164 -1-2. J.Pröspter, Dehn and Furse are the our partners for earthing systems. Also we have lots of domestic manufacturer.

Ligtning Protection Center also doing Earhing Systems Engineering. You get offered about earhing system design and calculate also installation.

  • Cable and Connectors
  • Earthing Rods
  • Deep Earther and Plate Earther Systems
  • Connection Meterials
  • Cadweld Systems and Meterials
  • Holders
  • Basic Grounding&Earhing System Desing and Installation
  • Function  Grounding&Earhing System Desing and Installation
  • Transformer Grounding&Earhing System Desing and Installation
  • Ground Enhancement Material
  • Ground Mats and Mesh
  • Signal Reference Grid
  • Ground Plates
  • Ground Points for Concrete
  • Aircraft and Static Grounding
  • Inspection Housings
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