Crane system should be protected by lightning

The Protection Cranes From Lightning

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In September 14, 2015

Cranes, can easily be exposed to the direct effects of lightning in the area where they live because of their metal concentrations and heights. Lightning can lead to some adverse cases like overthrow, damage to the electrical system, combustion of sensors, also it enables the operator to sink into electrical current carrier. Finally realized in Mecca and which we encounter very often in daily life, we wanted to explain this situation in terms of technique. Sections of the crane under normal conditions is sufficient to transmit the lightning discharge to ground however , due to heights the impacts may come to hand winches. According to the rolling sphere method can only redirect lightning in this way. Capture end is the first step, in order to not encounter the adverse impact such as tipping, it must have made a very good grounding in the crane and the soil resistance to flow quickly swtich should be reduced to the minimum possible resistance. At this point the plate, according to piled earth and networking meethods it can calculated different, but the crane must be able to flow easily into  the soil blows a minimum of 4 points. As lightning protect center, you get detailed information about the protection of the crane system which we performed by reaching to our side.

Crane system should be protected by lightning

Crane system should be protected by lightning

In paralled to physical protection, in order to be protected from lightning and the electrical components of the crane automational surge arrester system must be used. Especially in 24V-sensitive sensor system data protection, will help prevent negative situations like locking the crane. IEC 61 643 covered by the crane 10 /350 ms tested products should be used in the curve. Working on long-term fixed-point and at the site where a lot of people intensity designed by the rolling sphere method vertical and side capture bars can reach up to ground with insulated conductors. This situation will eliminate distortings and the magnetic effects which arises due to touching. İf a crane is exposed to the direct effects of lightning, if it do not have a system that absorbs easily the stroke ,it will broken due to the effects of phsycial moment and experienced adverse events as tipping. Finally, directing the coup and the correct calculation of the crane’s grounding system will prevent problems.


Yılkomer (Lightning Protection Center) aim is to eliminating technical deficiencies againts overvoltage and lightning and to establish a system that is based on completely standarts and engineering calculations.

LPC is (Lightning Protection Center) in globally by eliminating technical shortcomings in protection from lightning and overvoltage completely standards based on engineering calculations and aims to establish the system.

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